Why we need to brace for the worst as the new year begins

The first half of 2017 has been a busy one for retailers, and the holidays are a perfect opportunity to catch up on some of the highlights of the year.

The following are some of our favorite highlights from 2017, and we’re sure you’ll agree that they’ll be a hit during the holiday season.1.

Target has announced that the Holiday Inn is offering its Holiday Weekends package for $149.99.

It will be available starting Nov. 19 through Dec. 12.

The deal includes the following:• Four rooms for $349.99 each• Two beds for $399.99• Two bath tubs for $199.99Each of the four rooms are roomy enough for four, and they are designed to accommodate up to three guests.

The beds can be shared with a second adult or child.

The beds are made of 100% recycled wood, with recycled sheets, carpeting, pillows, mattresses, and even a few extra pillows.

The mattress is made of a synthetic material that’s 100% biodegradable.

The towels and pillows come in a range of colors, and there are also a variety of cushions.

There’s also a pillow stand, a pillow case, a blanket, and a bedside table that can be rearranged.

There are also storage drawers, so you can keep your favorite items in one place.

It’s also made of an environmentally friendly fabric, and it comes with a water bottle.

The Holiday Inn offers a variety other perks as well, including a 10% discount on hotel room and breakfast reservations, a 20% discount off hotel room bookings and breakfast, a $5 off hotel bookings when you spend $200 on hotel bookals, and access to a special savings credit card that lets you buy two nights for $299.99 (with a $25 minimum spend).

For more on the Holiday, you can check out the full press release and click here to sign up for a free trial.2.

Target is offering a new Holiday Weekend package, which includes a gift certificate for a Holiday Inn® gift card of up to $500, two complimentary nights at an affordable rate at the Holiday Towne Center, and 20% off on all other holiday activities.

The packages will be valid on Nov. 18 through Dec 2.

The gift certificate can be redeemed at Target locations in the U.S. and Canada, as well as Target gift cards in Canada, the U, and many other countries.

It is valid from Nov. 16 to Dec. 11, 2018, so if you’re planning on visiting Target during this time, be sure to grab your gift certificate.

The holiday is also a perfect time to get away from your house and grab some groceries, which is good for your wallet as well.

For more information on the gift cards and other special promotions, visit Target’s website.3.

The Dollar Tree has introduced a new holiday package that includes a 20-cent discount on all meals and a 20 percent discount on dinner and dinner party tickets.

The deals start on Nov 15, and you’ll find the deal on the website for Nov. 15 through Dec 7.

The meals are priced at $11.99 for a large or $11 (depending on the portion size) for a small meal, and $4.99 per portion.

The price drops to $2.99 if you choose a half size.

The deal includes three meals per day, with the remaining two meals for $15 each.

You’ll need to sign-up for a $200 gift card for the entire package.

For all the latest deals, news, and events from around the globe, check out our guide to the best shopping tips.4.

Target will be opening a new location in Orlando on Dec. 9.

The store will open in the new space at 6th and Atlantic.

The location will feature a big new entrance, with a large outdoor seating area and a giant gift window with hundreds of toys, games, and other holiday treats.

The Holiday Town will be the first Disney-branded retail store in the United States, and Disney will offer a holiday themed dining experience for guests to enjoy during their visit.

You can check the location’s website and stay tuned for more details.5.

A new deal has been announced for Black Friday.

Target’s Black Friday sales have begun, and this new deal is going to give you a 15 percent discount.

The deals start with the $100 discount on Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

These discounts can be used in stores, online, and at select Walmart locations, including Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The coupon code can be found on the back of any purchase at Target, and all sales are valid for the duration of the promotion.

For more details, check with Target.6.

Target announced that it will offer its customers a new Black Friday promotion, which starts on Nov 18, and lasts through Dec 10.

The offer starts