Tesla’s new solar roof is ‘shiny’

Tesla is unveiling a solar roof that it says will look like the Tesla Model S but in real life.

The roof is made of “solar glass” that can be folded up to make a solar panel and is about 1.5 feet (0.5 meters) wide, according to a blog post on the company’s website.

The roof is designed to be easily removable, and Tesla said it was able to fold it up for storage, as well as fold it into an “under the car” spot to store the solar panels.

Tesla is offering a limited edition version of the roof that comes with solar panels and a battery pack, but it does not include the battery pack.

It will retail for $1,995 and comes with a $300 warranty, according, to Tesla.

Tesla also said it is “making improvements to the Solar Roof” so it can provide more storage space and better weather protection.

“This roof is so beautiful, it’s even going to be a car,” said Tesla co-founder and chief executive Elon Musk in a video posted on the blog.

“We’re going to make the solar roof a lot more shiny.

It’s going to look like a car, but in reality, the solar glass will be folded to make it a solar car.”

Tesla has been building its solar roof at the Gigafactory, a massive battery factory in Nevada, since the beginning of the year.

The company plans to eventually produce a similar roof at a facility in Fremont, California.

Tesla said it will be offering a solar rooftop at its Gigafactories for a limited time, but the price was not announced.

Tesla did not say how much the roof would cost.

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