France opens door to pet door installation

A French company says it’s opening up its pet door system to homeowners and tourists to help alleviate some of the concerns about pet doors.

It says the project is aimed at helping French residents and visitors alike to have a better experience with their pets.

Pet door installation is a big deal in France, with the country boasting the world’s largest pet population.

“For me, the biggest concern about pet ownership is safety and security, so it’s a big step to make our system open,” Sylvain Lecuis, owner of Petdoor, said in a statement.

“In France, we are at the forefront of pet adoption, and there is a lot of interest from foreigners, and we want to show them that pet adoption is possible and affordable here in France.”

Petdoor installed a pet door on a balcony at its Paris office, and the company says a total of seven pets are currently residing there.

Lecauis said Petdoor has partnered with a company called Nant-A-Loup, who have a range of pet doors available in France.

They include pet doors for people with disabilities, children with allergies, and pets that have been damaged or are being sold.

Lefebvre said the pet door project will also help French people who have experienced problems with pet doors, such as a dog that can’t be turned on or a pet that bites or has an ear infection.

“I’m so grateful to Petdoor for the opportunity to show these people that their pet is not only safe and secure, but also beautiful and special,” Lefemvre said.

“We have already seen the positive impact this will have for our customers.”

Lecupres said Pet Door has installed over 1,000 pet doors in France since it opened in January 2017.

Petdoor will also partner with the French National Agency for Veterinary Services, which is responsible for inspecting and regulating pet adoption in France and abroad.

The agency said Pet door installations have been a “big success” with its members and visitors.

The installation was also featured in a French TV documentary called “The Future of Pets.”

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