When French Door Cuts Are The Best Thing Ever

Faisal Al-Mouawad, the editor-in-chief of French newspaper Le Figaro, is now the president of the French association of home and garden store owners, Le Petit Série.

In November, the organization’s board unanimously voted to remove the “french doors” from their signs.

This is a major win for the French home market.

Many people still have a French door curtain in their home, but these are becoming more common.

The door curtains have long been the source of many complaints from French people and homeowners alike.

In France, a house with a French curtain is seen as more luxurious, more private, more exclusive, more chic, and more likely to get a new owner.

As a result, many French homes have the doors in the shape of a French or French-designed “French” flag.

In reality, the French flag does not mean anything at all, and the French curtains have nothing to do with the flag.

It is simply an accessory.

The problem with this is that French people are not very fond of the idea of having the curtains.

According to a 2016 survey by Le Figo, 80 percent of French people felt that French doors were a symbol of the country’s national identity.

In a 2016 article, Al-Masry Al-Youm, the head of Al Jazeera English’s Middle East bureau, wrote: “French people have a strong sense of their identity and are often quick to defend the French in times of adversity.”

The fact that people are so upset about the curtains means that there is a very strong sense that the curtains are not French.

They are a symbol, a symbol that no longer belongs to the people of France.

The French home decor store owners association, the Le Petite Séria, has been at the forefront of this movement.

Le Petits Sérias has a website that gives tips for keeping your doors French.

The group’s motto is “France is our home, and you can’t have it anywhere else.”

Al-Maher writes on the website that the French door curtains should be replaced “with something that has a bit more elegance.”

The group wants to “improve the French sense of decorating and show the world that we’re not the most fussy people.”

The Le Petites Séritories website says the association “supports all French products, regardless of their size, shape, material or price.”

It says “French door curtains are essential, indispensable and a luxury.”

And it adds: “A French door is a symbol and a symbol alone does not belong to the home.”

So what is the problem with the curtains?

What do you think about the French decorators association’s call for a change in the curtains’ design?

Let us know in the comments.

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