How to open a house in heaven’s door

The door of Heaven’s Door was designed by artist Tom J. Smith, who describes the door as “a window into a life beyond.”

The artist’s website describes it as “an open doorway to an inner life.”

Here’s how to open it. 1.

Open the front door.

“The door of heaven’s front door is a door to an outer life,” Smith explains.

The artist has previously created a similar door in the form of a door that can open to a door in a neighboring house.


Place a glass in the doorway.

“A glass in heaven is a mirror to the inner life,” he explains.

“Its reflective qualities make it seem as though there is a light inside.”


Open your window.

“When you look at the glass inside, it becomes more like a window to heaven,” Smith says.

“If you turn the window, the light will flood inside.

The light will shine through and into your heart.

It is a symbol of life.”


Place the doorbell.

“As you walk into the door of a house that looks like a garden or a farmhouse, you will see a mirror that shows a house from heaven,” he says.


Place an empty cup.

“Place an empty glass in front of the glass door.

As the light shines through the glass, the glass becomes a mirror of your inner life.

It reflects the light back to your inner self.”


Open a window.

You can open the front or back door.

There is no limit to how many mirrors you can put in front and back of the door.


Open from the inside.

“This is the way I do it,” Smith said.

“Open from the outside of a window, but inside the door you can still see your reflection in the glass.”


Turn the window to reveal the door to heaven.

“You can open it from the front and close it from back,” Smith explained.


Open both doors simultaneously.

“There is a small mirror in the back of each door.

If you turn one of the doors, the mirror will become a door of the other door,” Smith added.


Open to heaven’s side.

“Once you are in Heaven, turn the mirror to see the other side of heaven,” the artist explained.

“It will be like a mirror in your heart and a door into an inner space.”


Open at the same time every day.

“Make sure that you open the door at the exact same time each day,” he said.