How to open door in a cupboard

A simple trick to get the door closed when your cupboard is full of boxes and junk can be useful.

If you have a drawer full of boxy furniture and you need to get your stuff out, it can be quite tricky to open the door.

That’s why I created this handy trick.

The video shows the trick and explains the steps, but in reality, it’s pretty simple.

It starts with placing your hand in front of your door and holding your thumb down on the door frame.

You’ll be able to move your thumb and forefinger as you press down, which allows you to pull open the lid.

You’re also able to rotate the door hinge as you pull it open.

You can also open the cupboard with your fingers by placing the door back on the shelf.

It’s a simple but effective way to get rid of all those boxes and stuff in your cupboards.