New York City home owner gets $300,000 for storm door lock after it was broken

The owner of a New York home that was burglarized in a storm door has been awarded a record $300 the city’s highest civil award.

New York City Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s office awarded the homeowners $300 for repairs to the storm door after it broke on July 15, 2013.

The homeowners’ attorney, Thomas W. Haggerty, said the award was “unprecedented.”

“We can say to you that we think this is an exemplary example of how this award should be awarded, and this award was not awarded to any one individual.

This award was awarded to the city and the owners of the home who were working with the city to repair the storm doors,” he said.

Haggerty said the storm-door locksmith used to fix the broken door is still employed by the city.

“This award is the highest civil honor that the city of New York has awarded to a storm-damaged property, and it was an extremely high award for the owners, who were the victims,” he told the Associated Press.

Schneiderman’s award also was a record for the state.

In addition to the award, the state awarded $250,000 to the owner of an Atlantic City, N.J., home after a woman found a cracked window washers and a broken shower head.

Schweitzer said the city was awarded the award because the homeowner was the “lead plaintiff” in the lawsuit against the owner and the locksmith.

The city said it was awarded $75,000 because the city has been working with it on the repairs since the incident.

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