A $1,200 closet door can keep cats away from your house

A $500 closet door will stop a cat from entering your home, but a $1.5,000 closet door is an improvement over the old $3,000 door, says an online catalog.

The new doors, which have a 3.7-inch diameter by 2.1-inch tall by 1.7 inches wide by 1 inch thick vinyl exterior, are available in two colors: black and white.

They cost $1:1,000 and $2:1 to make, respectively.

The doors work by keeping cats from sneaking inside your home.

A single, standard door will shut the door and allow a cat to enter for just under two minutes.

That’s the same amount of time it takes a cat’s natural prey to crawl through a door.

That means your cat will be less likely to sneak in while you’re asleep, and that it won’t attack your pets.

“We wanted to make a cat-friendly door that we can be proud of,” said Ben Shuker, the founder and president of the Home Builders Association.

“This is the way we built a better cat door.

It is a big step forward.”

The catalog says the doors can be used in a variety of applications, including furniture, door frames, walls, ceilings, doors and even doorbells.

It lists two other cat-safe closet doors, one of which was designed for cats that have been adopted.

“They’re just the best,” Shukers said of the new models.

“The cat door has been designed to be a very safe place to live.”

[Photo credit: Ben Shoukers] Cat owners in the U.S. can also find a home with a cat door that’s built with a simple, sturdy wood panel.

Shuks said the company’s first cat door sold out in just two weeks.

The company also sells the cat door panels to other manufacturers and offers a range of cat-proof doors to make your house even safer.

Cat-safe door designs will become more common as home owners get more cat owners, says Shuk.

“If you’re going to have a cat in your home then this is the perfect time to invest in a cat proof door,” Shikers said.

The catalog also lists some other safety tips for cat owners.

For example, make sure your door is not too wide or too narrow, and make sure that there is a door latch.

If you’re buying the door panels online, check the manufacturer’s safety instructions before you order.

The materials used to make the door are more expensive, but it’s still better than having a door you can’t use and then having to spend thousands of dollars on a new one.

The Home Builder Association recommends using the doors that have a 1-inch thick vinyl surface instead of the 1.5-inch vinyl they typically use, as they are more resistant to scratching and mold growth.

The door can be locked using a small metal lock or a key, and a chain can also be attached to the door, so you can keep the door locked for extended periods of time.

A wire-lock can be attached, too.

Cat owners should also use the door with an adjustable latch.

Shouker recommends putting the door back in place after the cat has left your house for a few days.

“There’s no need to take the door out, as the cat will not have the chance to come in and damage the door,” he said.

“It can be easily repaired if necessary, or even replaced if the door is broken.”

Shukinger said that while the doors are easy to use, they’re not always easy to clean.

“You can clean the door using a rag and a mild detergent, but you’ll still have to clean the hinges,” he says.

The product page for the new cat door doesn’t mention cleaning, but Shukering said it is “easy to wash a door.”

The manufacturer recommends putting out a large spray bottle with a lint-free paper towel to clean and replace the door panel.

“When it’s time to replace the hinges, we recommend a paper towel or rag to help keep the hinges from falling apart,” he added.

[Photo by Ben Shkovic] If you have cats, it’s important to be careful about the type of door that you decide to install.

“Some people might have cats that need to be in a particular area, while others might not have any cats,” Shkicers said, adding that there’s nothing wrong with putting a door into a specific spot.

“Even if you don’t want to put a door in the closet or into the backyard, there are things you can do to keep your cats out.”

For more information about cat safety, visit the Home Builder Association’s Cat Safety Center.

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