When you can’t keep a good man down, try the draft stoppers

On the heels of the draft being moved to Thursday, the NBA is taking another look at its draft policies. 

In a recent blog post, NBA commissioner Adam Silver said he believes teams need to make better decisions to protect their players. 

“I don’t think you can go around and say to players ‘Hey, we’ll do this and this and do that,'” Silver said. 

Instead, the league wants to make sure players are protected. 

The draft rules are now much more nuanced, and that means teams will have to make decisions to get their best players into the league. 

According to Silver, the rule that says a team cannot take a draft pick away from a player is being modified. 

Silver said he feels the draft picks should be used for players with potential, but said that can be changed. 

 “If a player can get drafted in the first round, that means he’s a first round talent,” Silver said, adding that teams have to figure out how to use that talent for their own purposes. 

At the moment, the draft is being used to protect players with the exception of lottery picks and international players.

The league’s draft rules also protect international players, but those rules can be modified at any time, Silver said on Tuesday. 

NBA commissioner Adam “Adam” Silver is joined by NBA executives to discuss the new draft rules. 

After the NBA announced it would be moving its draft to Thursday in hopes of avoiding a potential lockout, some fans wondered if the league would use its picks for future players.