The Clopay Garage Door Clopays new door system is a huge improvement over the old system

Clopaid has announced that the Clopah Garage Door Lock is a big improvement over its old door lock, with its new technology providing a much more secure locking mechanism.

Clopaid says its new system has two major improvements over its older system, which has had to be unlocked by hand with a key that is held in place with a plastic clip.

The Clopahs Garage Door Locking System is made from a polymer-based material called Polycarbonate, which offers excellent thermal properties and an extremely low energy consumption.

It also allows for the user to unlock the system with a quick press of the button, a feature that has been known to be a bit difficult on older models.

Clops new system, called the Cloopay, features a two-step locking mechanism which locks onto the door by sliding a rubber band between the lock bar and the door.

The new Clopail features a sliding mechanism that slides against the front of the door, which is made of a polycarbonate polymer, and is designed to fit securely on doors with a minimum of movement.

This allows for a lockbar to be inserted into the door’s hinge, allowing for the lock to be moved to the desired position.

In addition, the new Cloops system is made to fit on any door, regardless of the type of door, with the only requirement being a 3/8″ bolt through the door and a 6/32″ bolt on the hinge.

Cloopaid CEO Richard Clopayne says that the new system is “the most secure locking system in the world”, with its key embedded into the front door of the vehicle.

Clopping, the company’s name for the product, comes from the Clops family of companies, and Clopadhans name is derived from the “Clopah” family of brand names that are popular in the North West of England.

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